I have worked in the field of language access for over 30 years as an interpreter, a trainer, an organizer, a researcher, an advocate and a consultant. I’ve watched the field grow and helped define many parts of it. As a result, I am well positioned to help your organization with whatever needs you have related to language access.


  • Institutional assessments
  • Language services design or redesign
  • Implementation of Video Remote Interpreting systems
  • Interpreter screening and evaluation
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Organizational development for interpreter associations
  • Expert witness services


  • For interpreters: basic training and continuing education workshops
  • For interpreter trainers: basic training and advanced teaching skills workshops
  • For healthcare providers: basic skills in cultural competence, the importance of language access, working effectively with interpreters
  • For Language Services coordinators: building interpreter services, data collection, quality assurance, coaching and mentoring

Curriculum Design

  • Design of curricula to be used by on-site interpreter instructors in their own training work.
  • Design of on-line training, both mediated and unmediated, for interpreters and healthcare providers.

Whenever possible, my classes incorporate experience-based and participatory learning processes. My curricula include everything needed to teach the class, including class content, lesson plans, audiovisual materials, handouts, and learning assessment instruments.

Public Speaking

  • Conference keynotes
  • Motivational addresses


I connect you with:

  • Healthcare organizations like yours that have done what you want to do.
  • Leaders in the field with the expertise you need.
  • Vendors who can supply your outsourcing needs.

Where do I start?

I start wherever you are and help you develop the next step toward whatever goal you have set.

Drop me an email at Let’s talk about your next steps.