Interpreting for Oral Health

One to two-hour classes on dental hygiene, dental restorations, denture services, oral surgery, and interpreting challenges in dentistry.

1-2 hrs Asynchronous
Interpreting for Autism Spectrum Disorder Services

This interactive 7-hour synchronous online webshop is designed for experienced interpreters and will prepare learners to provide interpreting services for patients with autism spectrum disorder, their families and the providers who serve them. Developed with input from national ASD experts.

7 hrs Upcoming
From Medical to Mental Health : Adjusting Interpreting Techniques

This all-day interactive workshop is designed to prepare experienced interpreters who have already received basic training to provide quality interpreting services in behavioral health settings.

8 hrs Upcoming
Interpreting for Prenatal Genetic Counseling

A rigorous introduction to key concepts in human genetics, covering the work of prenatal genetic counselors, and the interpreting challenges that often come up in this setting. This course includes a lot of technical vocabulary as well as useful interpreting practice.

hrs Asynchronous
Introduction to Healthcare Interpreting

Interpreting is a fast growing industry in the United States, and in no area is there more need for interpreters than in health and human services. In this class, you will learn how to work as a professional interpreter in the rewarding field of health and human services.

3 hrs Upcoming
Interpreting for Cancer Genetics Training of Trainer

Description Description Coming Soon Languages Languages Coming Soon Cost TBA Dates & Locations November 5, 9:00 – 12:30 Pacific Time Hosted By National Coordinating Center for Regional Genetics Networks Continuing Education Credits N/A Link Coming Soon

hrs Upcoming
Interpreting for Cancer Genetics

Genetic science now allows providers to identify patients who may have a genetic predisposition to getting certain cancers, allowing them to take extra precautions. Interpreting for these appointments requires understanding both genetics and oncology. This 7-hour class (broken into two 3½-hour sessions) will teach basic concepts in genetics and oncology through a fun, interactive format.

7 hrs Upcoming
Ethics for Healthcare Interpreters

Description Description Coming Soon Languages Languages Coming Soon Cost TBA Dates & Locations January 7, 10:00 – 12:00 Pacific Time Hosted By NOTIS Continuing Education Credits N/A Link Coming Soon

hrs Upcoming
Interpreting for Prenatal Genetic Counseling (Fall 2022)

As one of the fastest-changing fields in medicine, genetics is a topic that is coming up more often in more healthcare settings. But highly technical vocabulary and complex medical concepts can present real challenges to interpreters who are not familiar with the concepts and vocabulary related to genetics.

This 8-hour interactive online class is a special opportunity for interpreters to learn to work in the fast-changing field of prenatal genetics, using a curriculum in collaboration with the National Coordinating Center for the Regional Genetics Networks.

8 hrs Upcoming
Advanced Guide to Diabetes

This 10-hour Certificate of Attendance online course will help interpreters with advanced skills expand their knowledge in the world of diabetes care. An initial narrated PowerPoint will introduce the anatomy and physiology of the human endocrine system; the nature of type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes, symptoms, tests and treatments for the disease, as well as an introduction to the various health professionals who provide care to diabetic patients.

10 hrs Asynchronous