Welcome to the world of language access.

  • A world in which interpreters are easily accessible to all staff, improving patient safety, containing costs and reducing clinical delays;
  • A world in which patients and service providers understand each other, even though they speak different languages;
  • A world in which language barriers are no more than a nuisance and cultural differences are something to be valued.

Language access is more than my job.

It is my mission.

How can I help you bring language access to your world?

Healthcare Interpreting in Small Bites
Healthcare Interpreting in Small Bites
Communicating Through Healthcare Interpreters
Communicating Through Healthcare Interpreters
More Cindy Roat courses online
More Cindy Roat courses online

If you can only read a few things each week, here’s what I would recommend

  • Crosses Rivers, https://crossesrivers.com/
    A stunningly written weekly blog based on one interpreter’s experiences working in the healthcare and court systems. This writer will open your mind, break your heart, make you think, question, rage, rejoice and laugh. Not to be missed.
  • Intersect, https://www.cultureandlanguage.net/newsletter:
    What’s new in language and interpreting? Marjory Bancroft’s weekly newsletter covers it all, with news from around the world and about all areas of community interpreting and language access.

Looking for some good resources? Take a look at these

  • Introduction to Healthcare for Spanish-speaking Interpreters and Translators, by Ineke H.M. Crezee, Holly Mikkelson and Laura Monzon-Storey. John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2015,  388 pages.
    This is a must-have book for any interpreter wanting to work in the healthcare field. The authors cover basic information about how the healthcare system works and who you will meet there, about commons symptoms, diagnostic tests, diseases and conditions, procedures and treatments. The book contains a Spanish-English glossary, but the rest will be valuable for interpreters of any language pair. The book is also available for many other language pairs, however, they reflect practice in Commonwealth healthcare systems such as New Zealand and Australia; the version for Spanish interpreters has been edited to reflect U.S. healthcare structures and protocols.
  • Color, by Lorane West. Washington State University Press. 2004, 176 pages.
    This unique book is a collection of fictional one page stories, told in the voices of immigrants for whom the author has interpreted. An exploration of the immigrant experience of the U.S. healthcare, this book provides excellent insights for interpreters, providers and anyone working with immigrants and refugees.