Making the Tough Decisions: a skills-building workshop on interpreter ethics in healthcare

The world of the healthcare interpreter is fraught with difficult ethical dilemmas and the need for making in-the-moment decisions. For example, if a patient asks that certain information not be interpreted, do you keep it confidential even if the non-disclosure may harm the patient?
Do you interpret everything accurately even when the message could impact or destroy the patient-provider relationship? Do you withdraw from
a medical encounter that is too complicated for you when that means the patient will get no interpreter at all? How is an interpreter to decide?

NOTIS and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance workshop will introduce experienced healthcare interpreters to a process for thinking about these difficult situations and for quickly making ethical decisions about what to do.

Monday, August 27, 2018 6pm-8:30pm
Taught by Cindy Roat and Yuliya Speroff.

Online registration only. Mail in registration is not available.

Download flyer for more information.


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