Conferences are Only for Doctors, Right?

Ah, conferences! The chance to gather with colleagues, see old friends, make new contacts, learn new information, earn your continuing education credits, eat great food, and find out what’s new in the world of healthcare interpreting. But, ah, conferences. Airfare, … Continue reading

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Weaving a Torn World Back Together

Sometimes my interpreter friends around the country write to me about the experiences they’ve had, wanting to share something that was hard or funny or special, something that nobody but another interpreter would understand. Here is one story that I … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Community Interpreter

What’s it like to be a community interpreter? Before you go to the trouble to get trained and certified, don’t you wish you could tag along with someone first, just to see what it’s like? Well, here’s your chance. I … Continue reading

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Bilingual or Interpreter?

Question for today: Can any bilingual person interpret? Consider the concert pianist. She sweeps onto the stage in a floor length gown, bows to the applauding crowd, seats herself gracefully at the gleaming black Steinway grand piano. She bows her … Continue reading

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The World of a Community Interpreter

Question: In what profession can you assist at a birth, sign a family up for Medicaid, achieve justice for a victim of fraud, teach a patient to calculate his insulin dosage, get welfare benefits for a single mom, rescue a … Continue reading

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What in the World is an Interpreter?

They are found in the murals in ancient Egyptian tombs. They are lauded as indispensable links . . . . . . and reviled as traitors. They walk in two worlds, building bridges between people who speak different languages. And, … Continue reading

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Making the Tough Decisions: a skills-building workshop on interpreter ethics in healthcare

The world of the healthcare interpreter is fraught with difficult ethical dilemmas and the need for making in-the-moment decisions. For example, if a patient asks that certain information not be interpreted, do you keep it confidential even if the non-disclosure … Continue reading

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Why I am writing a Blog

This will be my very first blog post ever. After all, I came of age in an era in which computers took up entire rooms, we fed them punch cards in a code called “Fortran,” and people actually wrote to … Continue reading

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Healthcare Interpreting in Small Bites

50 Nourishing Selections from the Pacific Interpreters Newsletter, 2002-2010 By Cynthia E. Roat, MPH This book teaches about the world of healthcare interpreters in a way that is educational, understandable and fun! This compendium of articles, written over the past … Continue reading

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Communicating Through Healthcare Interpreters

A cost-effective, multimedia, online CME program that teaches MDs, PA, and ARPNs to communicate successfully with their limited English proficient patients. Do your patients speak Spanish? Vietnamese? How about Chin or Dari or Ga? Linguistic diversity in the United States … Continue reading

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